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Diverse Learning Environments


Our  infants receive nurturing care as well as  one on one lessons and activities  in a safe environment.  We foster brain development skills for our infants that provide them with the opportunities to explore  safely with teachers who respond to each child’s emotional and intellectual needs.



Our Toddlers development progression is our main focus. We follow a creative curriculum framework that offers a wide variety of engaging play experiences that cultivate growth and creativity.


In preschool, the focus is on developmentally appropriate learning and Kindergarten readiness.  Pre-schoolers days are filled with  fun learning experiences such as  circle time , indoor and outdoor playtime, group meals, quiet activities, as well as rest time.  We encourage social emotional skills through individual projects or in small groups. Our daily routine consist of reading, music and movement, writing, math, and science with their teachers, through engaging activities. 

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