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Fun & Creativity


At HLA we encourage learning with music  allowing children to learn new words and concepts through activities such as chanting rhymes, creating sounds using instruments or toys. We enjoy incorporating  music to assist with  language skills such as  the alphabet or number recognition.


 Our music and movement activities involve group learning such as circle time routines.

Movement play time also helps children learn how to express emotions in different ways and communicate messages through actions.


In our care, your child will be immersed in a world of formal and informal learning. Language skills are a critical ingredient for success.


Children learn math the moment they start exploring the world. Math skill such as identifying shapes to counting or finding patterns that builds on what they already know. 

We help identify each child's strengthens and weakness so that they can become effective learners.

Outside Play

 Playing outside gives your children the chance to explore their natural environment.  Your child can play games, challenge their physical limits, and express themselves to build  self-confidence.

We provide outdoor play activities within our fenced in play space.

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